Is Bad Posture Causing Your Back Pain?

  Back pain – the dreaded condition that just doesn’t seem to go away. Unfortunately, your home remedies to relieving back pain may not be doing the trick. Back pain is irritating, but you must

How to Prepare for a 5K Run

Congratulations! You’ve just finished signing up for your local 5K run! With excitement and anticipation flowing through your veins, you just can’t wait to put on your best pair of running shoes. Similar to how

5 Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart is arguably the single most romanticized bodily organ throughout human history, but are you taking care of it the same way those writers have penned its emotional importance? Maintaining a healthy heart lowers

What’s Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is a large joint in the body that controls and mediates upper extremity movement of the arm. It’s here where the collarbone, shoulder blade, and humerus all meet to create this fundamental ball

How to Get Back on Track with Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise Tips to Get You Back on Track Exercising and maintaining healthy eating habits should be part of everyone’s daily schedule, not just forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Promoting good physical and mental health

How to Prevent Hamstring Injuries in Hockey

Hockey is a popular activity that sometimes leads to player injuries. The average player is subject to varying grades of trauma and physical injury due to repeated bodily stress – and most will try to

3 Best Stretching Exercises to Treat Sever’s Disease

Sever’s Disease Sever’s disease is an inflammatory growth plate condition in the heel that occurs in adolescents undergoing puberty. The rapid growth spurts during this time can cause the bones to develop at a much

What Are The Most Common Baseball Throwing Injuries?

America’s pastime is just one of many activities where athletes can experience varying levels of discomfort from a sport-related injury. What makes baseball so recognizable is the requirement of all on-field players to throw the

Tips for an Injury Free 2018

January is a month filled with fresh starts and thoughts of new beginnings, more commonly referred to as New Year’s Resolutions. Although New Year’s Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, a healthier lifestyle seems

The Importance of Stretching

By: John Gallucci, Jr., MS, ATC, DPT President, JAG Physical Therapy Medical Coordinator, Major League Soccer   It is widely accepted across the world of athletics, to include soccer, that stretching or a flexibility program

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