Best Practices For Getting In Shape This Season

What fuels an athlete? There are three energy systems, or bioenergetics, that overlap and work together on a cellular level to physiologically produce energy and effectively fuel our bodies during activity. Click here to read John Gallucci Jr.'s article on Soccer Nation

Shin Splints: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Soccer season every year sends many athletes running- or limping- into their physician’s offices, athletic training rooms and physical therapy clinics complaining of that dreaded pain in their shins. Medial tibial stress syndrome, more commonly referred to as shin splints, is a painful condition experienced by many athletes that runs along the anterior portion of

18 Household Items Runners Should Toss – And 5 To Keep

You might log most of your miles in the park, on the trail, or at the gym. But the environment in which you reside, even when you’re not running, matters to your injury risk, performance, and overall well being. Click Here to read the full article from Runners World.

JAG Physical Therapy Employee Testimonial

I am a proud employee of JAG Physical Therapy in Hawthorne, NY. My name is Ivo Fernandes and here's a brief intro into my life as a runner. In 2006, I fractured my left heel and was told by my orthopedist that I would never be able to run again. I wasn't a runner to

Raking Leaves

Via Pexels It’s the time of year again where the air is crisp and cool, and working outside becomes refreshing. The leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees. Every year in the physical therapy world we see patients sustaining low back, hamstring, quadriceps and shoulder injuries by raking and lifting those leaves.

Fall Workout Safety Precautions

Image via Pexels Tips for a Safe Fall Workout Exercising in the fall is a great way to create good habits for the upcoming holiday season and winter months. It’s also a great time to exercise outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures. However, outdoor workouts in autumn can end in injury, so be sure to

6 Tips for Injury Prevention During Football Season

Images via Pexels Preventing Football Injuries Football is the leading cause of sports injuries. As a full contact sport, there is a higher risk of injury in football compared to other sports. Tackling, blocking and other physical contact between players can result in a greater risk for concussions, overuse injuries, and other common traumatic injuries

How to Reduce Your Risk of Workplace Injuries

Image via Pixabay No matter if you work as a secretary behind a computer or you’re a construction worker out on the field, every worker is susceptible to injury. From strains and sprains to carpal tunnel, thousands of workers are injured at work every year. While it may not seem like a big deal at

6 Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise in the Morning

Image via Pexels Have you ever had an early morning workout and felt more alert and productive throughout the day? That’s no coincidence. Working out in the morning has many benefits for both your body and your mind. Exercise jump-starts your metabolism, which helps keep your body burn calories at a higher rate throughout the

Benefits of Swimming When Recovering

Recovery time. Conquer it and life moves forward without so much as a hitch. Bow to its many painful challenges and your regular routine will suffer more detours and setbacks than you care to endure. Adequately bouncing back, both from injuries and grueling workouts, can be the difference between achieving your personal goals and frustratingly