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Home to Morris County in New Jersey, Chatham is a beautiful place to call home. Known as “The Chathams,” Chatham is known as the two neighboring municipalities – Chatham Borough and Chatham Township. Home to Blue Ribbon School award-winning elementary schools, middle schools and a high school, Chatham is a wonderful community for families with children. Chatham offers many recreational sports, a neighborhood library and other activities for individuals. This close-knit community is the ideal New Jersey town to call home. Also in Chatham, New Jersey is JAG Physical Therapy, which now proudly offers top-rated physical therapists to the Chatham, New Jersey community.

Physical Therapy Services in Chatham

People of all ages in Chatham can benefit from professional physical therapy care. Whether you are recovering from an injury, are suffering from chronic pain, got into a car accident, or are simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle – the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy are waiting to work with you. With years of experience in facilities all over New Jersey and New York, JAG Physical Therapy is excited to now offer our premier physical therapy services to the Chatham, New Jersey community.

Popular Physical Therapy Programs in Chatham

In addition to the many services offered, we also are proud to offer several different programs in Chatham, New Jersey. Our programs range prevention of injury programs, women’s health programs, and return to sport programs. We believe that these programs allow us to treat the entire minds and bodies of our patients, creating a healthier community in Chatham.

Common Injuries in Chatham

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of life no matter where you live. In Chatham, JAG Physical Therapy can effectively treat a wide range of these injuries to ensure you can get back the life you love, safely and efficiently. Common injuries include injuries of the back, ankles, hands, shoulders and knees. Sometimes, people have been suffering from pain for so long that they do not think there is any hope for recovery. At JAG Physical Therapy in Chatham, New Jersey, we can show you that there is hope for a pain-free future, often one without the need for harmful painkillers.

Physical Therapy for All Ages in Chatham, NJ

From young children, to adults, to the elderly, physical therapy is for everyone. At JAG Physical Therapy, our number one priority is helping patients regain strength and mobility. We develop custom treatment plans to ensure that each client is given the specific care he or she needs to get back the life he or she loves.

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If you are suffering from an injury or pain, or would like to maintain a healthier lifestyle, contact the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy in Chatham today. Our highly trained physical therapists are ready to work with you in our state-of-the-art facilities.

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