Individual Fitness Programs

At JAG Physical Therapy our Fitness Programs include:

  • Postural analysis
  • Strength and range of motion assessment
  • Proper body mechanics
  • How to safely perform exercises and activities of daily living
  • Group Fitness Classes

When planning to work out, whether for the first time in a while or if you already have a consistent routine, you need to make sure you’re careful. Everyday, people suffer from major injury because of a setback in their workouts. These injuries can cause major pain, time off from work, and other more serious health problems. Here at JAG Physical Therapy, we want everyone to be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Our fitness service provides a safe and effective workout created by the JAG Physical Therapy professionals. Everything is personalized based on your body, injuries, and goals.

Injury Prevention

To prevent injury while working out, we stress that our clients know their body. If you know your body’s limitations, it’s easier to plan a workout that won’t over strain it. If you have an injury or bad joints, avoid workouts that put a lot of pressure and strain on those joints. Set small weight limits and reps up first to test out what you can handle. You can move up weight and reps gradually until you have to perfect routine. With the help of the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy, you will surely have a safe and challenging workout.

Personal Retraining in New Jersey and New York

Working out with a professional trainer or teacher will go a long way to stopping injuries. They can help asses what workouts will be good for you and your body and can help assist in the workouts themselves. A workout session should start with warm up exercises to help prepare the body. Without a proper warm-up, the body will be more prone to injury. The fitness session will end in a nice stretch to help cool the muscles so that they recover better.

It is important not to overwork the body when getting into a new fitness routine. While it is great to challenge yourself, going overboard all at once will cause your body to wear down and become fatigued. Gradually working up to your goals will keep you on a much steadier path. Let your muscles rest and relax, and switch up the muscles you are working out each day.

If you follow these instructions and continue to eat healthy and workout safely, your risk for injury will be greatly diminished! We are excited to teach you the fundamentals of a fitness routine designed for your specific body.