JAG Physical Therapy Specializes in Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries are an unfortunate part of life, especially for active individuals and athletes. The professionals at JAG Physical Therapy understand the intense pressure put on the human body each and every day, and work to combat this strain so that you can continue performing at maximum efficiency. Physical therapy is the most effective method for combatting an injury and preventing future injury. We work with a wide variety of individuals with injuries, helping them to get back to the life they love.

Physical Therapy Specializations

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Lower back pain, upper back pain, and herniated disks are among the most common complaints.


Tennis elbow will keep you from many physical activities without proper therapy.


Our hand therapist specializes in relieving pain associated with carpal tunnel and other injuries of the hand and wrist.


Physical therapy after hip surgery or when pain is present is an important part of the recovery process.


The intricate muscles and bones of the foot and ankle are prone to injury. Ignoring pain may lead to more serious problems in the future.


A physical examination of the knee will allow your physical therapist to design a comprehensive treatment plan for relieving pain and strengthening the area.


Herniated disks, muscle spasms, and muscle strains can all be alleviated through physical therapy and massage therapy.


Shoulder injuries are common among athletes and can be debilitating without proper therapy.