The elbow is considered one of the more complex joints in the body due to its multifunctionality. The elbow joint allows for flexion and extension of the arm and then radioulnar joint allows for the rotation of the forearm into a palm facing up and a palm facing down position.  The elbow can easily be placed under stress due to its broad range of motion, weak lateral support system and exposure to soft tissue damage due to a lack of “padding” over the bony structures. Overuse injuries due to sports or work related activities (i.e. Epicondylitis) and trauma (i.e. direct fall on elbow) may cause an elbow injury and pain.

JAG Physical Therapy treats elbow injuries through expert physical therapy care. Our staff is experienced and has a comprehensive understanding of the structures of the elbow.  We are always prepared to help our patients regain full strength and mobility following an elbow injury. We also understand the constraints an elbow injury can put on athletic participation. Our sports-injury focused physical therapists understand your need to get back in the game, which is why we offer specialized services for athletes.

Common Elbow Injuries:

Biceps tendonitis



Biceps tendon rupture

Epicondylitis (“Tennis Elbow or “Golfer’s Elbow”)


Valgus extension overload (VEO)