The hand and wrist are extremely intricate structures, allowing for precise motions and movements that let us carry out daily tasks with ease. An injury to the hand or wrist is a huge handicap, especially for athletes and those that depend on the use of their hands to do their job.

Causes of Hand/Wrist Injury

There are several causes of a hand/wrist injury or pain. Common injuries may be from overuse, traumatic injury or sports activities. Whatever the cause, it is vital to get immediate treatment for hand and wrist injuries, as waiting longer could result in serious complications affecting long-term use.

Treatment for Hand Injuries

Treatment for a hand or wrist injury will depend on the type of injury you sustain. Explore the different hand injuries below for more information on specific treatment methods. Regardless of the injury, physical therapy is a must for fully recovering from a hand or wrist injury. The physical therapists at JAG Physical Therapy will work “hand in hand” with you to regain your hand/wrist mobility and strength.

Common Hand/Wrist Injuries


Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and other repetitive motion injuries


Labral tears

Nerve compression syndromes and injuries

Tendonitis of the elbow

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), also known as chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

Ganglion cysts

Other joint, tendon, and ligament conditions