Each year, more and more people want to “get in better shape”, feel better and live longer, but due to the amount of information, fad diets and exercise programs out there it can be difficult when deciding where to start. At JAG Physical Therapy, we can help change your life and overall health with our expert nutritional services.


Nutritional Consultation in New Jersey/New York

What is a Nutritional Consultation?

During a nutritional consultation, one of our experienced and certified nutritionists at one of our JAG Physical Therapy locations will help you assess your dietary intake, looking for areas where you could make improvements. Our nutritionists are here to be a resource for you: they will provide you with educational information, support and follow-up care to make sure all changes are appropriate for your new lifestyle.


Purpose of a Nutritional Consultation

The main purpose for a nutritional consultation is to ensure that you make and maintain the appropriate dietary changes for your individual body. The human body needs a mixed diet of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in order to function properly each day and  a nutritionist, upon learning each individual’s demands and goals,  can assist in putting together a plan to follow.  These consultations can also be very important when helping those who are struggling with a mental disorder or eating disorder, to ensure they are maintaining their overall health.


What Does a Consultation Consist Of?

At JAG Physical Therapy, we understand that every one of our clients is going to be different when it comes to meeting their goals. Because of this, we will work with you to create a plan that is practical and works with your unique lifestyle. Each person will undergo an individualized lifestyle evaluation before proceeding with the consultation. This process usually starts with assessing dietary habits and body weight, as well as identifying changes needed and barriers that may prevent one from reaching their goals. We will also work with you to collectively set goals, find support, and maintain the changes you worked so hard to earn.


Schedule a Nutritional Consultation in NJ/NY

Here at JAG Physical Therapy, we can provide a diet assessment to ensure that you are receiving the proper nutrients and energy your body needs for optimal performance. We can also work with any dietary restrictions, such as a vegetarian/vegan diet, allergies, diabetes, and high cholesterol. For athletes, we specialize in athletic performance and nutrition, especially during an injury recovery period. By following our nutritionists’ recommendations, you can maximize the benefits of physical therapy and rehabilitation.


If you need assistance getting back the life you love, trust the experts at JAG Physical Therapy for any of your physical therapy and nutrition needs. With our notable reputation in the tri-state area and multiple facilities throughout New York and New Jersey, a JAG location is never too far from your home. Be sure to contact us today for more information or to schedule your nutritional consultation: (973) 669-0078.