New Jersey and New York Physical Therapy

JAG Physical Therapy is New York and New Jersey’s leader in physical therapy for the recovery of knee, foot, ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow and back injuries.  Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and facilities allow us to develop a rehabilitation plan specifically catered to each patient we see. The JAG team serves North and Central New Jersey, as well as New York, from 17 different locations. Each location is able to serve patients with a variety of physical therapy needs, ranging from post-operative care, rehabilitation, and fitness services.

Physical Therapy Treatment in New Jersey and New York

When coming in for an appointment at JAG Physical Therapy, be sure to bring proper forms of identification, as well as insurance cards, payment information, and your doctor’s referral. Wearing loose fitting clothes allows the patient to easily expose the area that needs to be treated. Each treatment can last anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes, depending on the techniques and treatments utilized. More than half of Americans are suffering from pain, but many are unaware that physical therapists are not only well equipped to treat pain, but will focus treatment on the source of the pain, in hopes of reducing or relieving pain for an extended period of time. Each person who receives treatment at JAG Physical Therapy has a customized treatment plan designed specifically for their injury, that also takes into account things like age, body type, and general health.

Designing a Treatment for Your Injury

Many people overlook physical therapy following an injury or surgical treatment because they don’t want to experience pain, and would rather heal on their own. JAG’s physical therapists design a treatment program to help reduce pain and provide relief. There are instances where pain may be experienced during therapy, such as recovering range of motion after a shoulder or knee injury. It’s vital to communicate any pain that you encounter during or after treatment to your physical therapist so they can make proper adjustments to your treatment.

Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

There are dozens of types of treatments that JAG’s physical therapists utilize to treat our patients. Depending on the location and severity of the injury, patients may find themselves receiving Cryotherapy to reduce swelling, performing Gait Training on parallel bars, utilizing electrical nerve stimulation to reduce pain, or receiving a massage to decrease scar tissue. Following the completion of your treatment program, it’s not uncommon for a “flare up” to occur. Be sure to communicate that with your physical therapist, who can make the recommendation on whether to come back in for more treatment, or simply to adjust daily routines and activities.

JAG Physical Therapy has assisted thousands of patients in recovering from injury, operation, or getting back in shape following a physical limitation. JAG Physical Therapy is the official Physical Therapist of the New Jersey Devils professional hockey team, as well as New York City FC, one of Major League Soccer’s newest teams.  JAG has locations in West Orange, Warren, Hackensack, Cedar Knolls, Union, Old Bridge, Woodbridge, Princeton, Holmdel, Chatham, Wayne, Brick, and Fairfield, New Jersey, as well as Sleepy Hollow, Hawthorne, Yonkers and New York, NY. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get back on the field of life by calling 732-699-0078 or by filling out a contact form here.