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Physical Therapy in Hawthorne, NY

Hawthorne, New York is a beautiful small town within the popular Westchester County. Home to the Mount Pleasant Central School District, residents within Hawthorne enjoy top-rated elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the immediate area. Those residing in Hawthorne, New York are fortunate to experience a close, tight-knit community, while still being in close proximity to Manhattan. The community of Hawthorne, NY is also home to the newest JAG Physical Therapy location.

Physical Therapy Services in Westchester County

Residents of all ages and athletic ability have access to the premier physical therapy services in Hawthorne. The physical therapists at JAG Physical Therapy have years of experience helping clients achieve their goals – whether that means getting back in the game, pain relief, treating an injury or recovering after surgery. With a variety of programs and specialties available in Hawthorne, New York – clients can rest easy knowing the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy are prepared to help.

Back to Sport in Hawthorne

For athletes, the number one priority after an injury is getting back into the game. At JAG Physical Therapy in Hawthorne, New York, we understand this urgency ourselves – especially with the many professional athletes we treat who depend on their body to make a living. However, we also understand the importance of full recovery to ensure athletes come back better and stronger and are not at risk of developing an even worse injury. We have a return to sport program that focuses on building strength following an injury so that athletes get back to their sport in Hawthorne, safe and strong.

Pain Relief in Hawthorne, New York

People of all ages experience body pain at one time or another. However, when that pain begins to interfere with day-to-day life, it is time to see the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy in Hawthorne. We will work to determine the cause of your pain, whether it is an injury or underlying medical issue. From here, we will develop a customized treatment plan to help relieve the pain.

Injury Treatment in Westchester County

Are you suffering form an injury in Hawthorne, NY? Fortunately, your friends at JAG PT are here to help. We understand that injuries can be extremely scary and frustrating. We also know that oftentimes, dangerous painkillers are not the answer. We work to treat injuries with effective physical therapy techniques, which include strength-building exercises. Our professionals may also refer you to a specialist for severe injuries.

Rehabilitation Programs in Westchester County

After a surgery, the hard part is how you treat your body afterwards. Rehabilitation is usually recommended after surgery to help the patient begin building muscle and strength. Patients who participate in a rehabilitation regimen often recover better and faster than patients who strictly rest after a surgery. If you are in need of effective rehabilitation in Hawthorne, call our professionals to get a custom plan set up for post-operative care.

Contact JAG Physical Therapy in Hawthorne, New York

Ready to get back the life you love? Contact the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy today to schedule a consultation and discover the power of physical therapy. We hope to see you soon, and are excited to be a part of the beautiful Hawthorne community!

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