Physical Therapy for TMJ

Our Physical Therapy Programs help Pain, tightness, locking and clicking of the jaw are signs of TMJ. Physical therapy and specialized techniques work to restore motion and relieve pain in the jaw. Learn more about the benefits of physical therapy for TMJ, here

Post Offer of Employment Testing

Reduce injury on the job with a pre-hire screening for new employees known as POET (Post Offer of Employment Testing). This trusted program is dedicated to improving health and employee safety. Click here for more information on POET Testing.

FCE Testing

Reliable evaluation is vital toward measuring the effectiveness of a treatment plan following an injury or disability. FCE Testing will ensure that JAG Physical Therapy is always providing the best treatment plan. Learn more about FCE Testing.

Women’s Health Programs

The female body requires unique wellness services. A variety of female-oriented programs at JAG Physical Therapy are offered to ensure that a woman’s pain is safely and properly addressed. Learn more about our women’s health programs.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Overcome symptoms related to vertigo such as impaired balance, dizziness, and light-headedness with vestibular physical therapy. We will help you return to your prior way of life, before vertigo took over. Learn more.

Slips and Falls Prevention Program

As we age, slips and falls become much more dangerous. Prevention is the best medicine, so come learn from the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy! Learn more about Safety First.

L.E.S.S. Lower Extremity Strengthening System

As the base of our body, the lower body needs to be strong. This intense program works to strengthen the lower extremities to prevent common injuries. Learn more about L.E.S.S.

Golf Fitness Program

Identify the limitations and faults in your golf game to prevent injury and become a better player. Our TPI evaluation and treatment methods are guaranteed to improve your long-term game. Learn more.

Health and Wellness Series

Attend a complimentary program to learn important tips for injury prevention. Stay healthy and have fun with the help of JAG Physical Therapy. Learn more about our complimentary wellness series.

Physical Therapy
Education Series

We connect the community through complimentary educational series aimed at injury prevention and leading healthy lifestyles. Attend one of these sessions led by the professionals at JAG Physical Therapy. Learn more here.

Graston Technique

This therapeutic technique addresses soft tissue injuries to decrease tension. This technique allows us to achieve better outcomes. Learn more about the Graston Technique.

CPR Certification

This life-saving technique is essential to learn and can be utilized by anyone with the proper training. Learn more about our CPR Certification.